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Venetian Plaster Styles

An almost endless variety of elegant, artistic and highly durable effects can be achieved with Venetian plaster, but here are the most commonly used. All can be adapted and intermixed to achieve any bespoke finish required. We use exclusively Loggia products, sourced through their UK distributor, as their materials are internationally recognised as amongst the best available. They are manufactured to exacting standards in Italy – the country of origin of this ancient form of architectural décor coatings – and their research laboratories are constantly innovating exciting new decorative wall and floor coatings. The buttons in each section below link to the respective Loggia catalogues where you can see the full range of finishes and effects.

Riflesso (polished plaster) Range

Meaning ‘reflection’ in Italian, these are polished plaster formulations with slaked lime and a small amount of resin, that have a very high reflective shine. They are UV and mildew resistant.

A kitchen wall in Riflesso

Metallic Finishes

These elegant finishes include:

  • Velluto Florentino
  • Velluto Oro
  • Montenapoleone
  • Dorotea
  • Sharki (a sandblasted metallic effect available in many tints ).
  • Mantra Metal (bronze, silver, gold, steel, zinc, aluminium, tin)
  • Bi Plasma Metal (bronze, silver, gold, steel, zinc, aluminium, tin)
  • Chromofilm (bronze, silver, gold, copper)
  • Diamond
  • Oceania
  • Seta

Infinito Range

These coarse marmorino finishes can produce, as the Italian name suggests, an infinite variety of beautiful effects.

Volare Range

Super matt lime-based textured coating for internal and external environments.

Floors & Wet Areas Range

  • Monolith / Microcement a ready-to-use single component coating that can be applied directly to walls, tiled floors and self levelled floors.

  • Bi Plasma

Bi Plasma 3D, the two-component material coating of the Bellissima line of Plasma 3D, is an innovative, resistant, ultra-versatile product that can be applied to walls, doors, furniture, counters and, above all, is suitable for restyling and applying to both pre-existing and self-levelling concrete floors.

Bi Plasma 3D is suitable for trowel work and is available in a multitude of colours that can also be mixed together to create nuances and multicolour effects. Workability, elasticity and resistance to treading are just some of the product’s advantages, large surfaces created without joints or signs of junction.

Bi plasma 3D in all its versions opens the door to a world of possibilities that has no limits in terms of development and application in interior decoration.

  • Moquette

Moquette for walls, floors and ceilings made in Italy. Two part component micronised carpet, a classy interior wall covering that recalls the elegant, discoloured effect of carpet. Ideal for floors, walls and ceilings and can also be used to re-surface work tops and tables etc.

Plasma 3D

Plasma 3D is a plastic, mouldable covering for indoor surfaces, formulated with special synthetic binders and additives which make it waterproof and extremely durable once dry, to the extent that it can be used for worktops or flooring. A vast range of effects can be achieved with Plasma 3D, such as finishes mimicking real marble, wood or leather, or dramatic fantasy finishes.